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Energy Savings:
With gasoline costs beyond reasonable amounts, smart families are now pursuing the economical advantage of custom golf carts to zip-around their neighborhoods, run errands within a close distance to home, and reduce their expenditure on the increasing cost of fuel. This savings can be approximately $1000 per year, contingent upon your family's travel habits, and gas mileage on your vehicles.  See the magnitude in savings possible below. 
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Energy Savings by the Numbers: 

It can typically take 5 hours to fully charge a depleted golf cart battery pack, where a standard battery pack in good condition can run a golf cart between 90 - 120 minutes, pedal-time.  

To understand what this means to you in electricity cost, we'll need to determine how many kilowatts will be used to charge you golf cart battery (the standard measure your electricity provider charges you).  Since a typical 120 volt charger is rated to draw 10 amps, using the formula (volts x amps = watts) it can be estimated for 120 minutes pedal-time, at a cost of 12 cents per kilowatt (the avg. U.S. electricity cost in 2012, yet each state differs), the cost would be approximately $0.144 per hour of charging.   


Hourly Kilowatt Consumption (KWH)

Avg. U.S. Electricity Cost (per KWH)​

With the standard golf cart speed being 15 mph (60 minutes pedal-time), the electrical cost per mile would be approximately $0.027 cents to operate.

15 MPH = 60 Minutes = appprox. 2.85 hours Charge Time,

Where 2.85 hours Charge Time x $0.144 = $0.41, 

Where $0.41 divided by 15 miles = $0.027 per mile 

Compare this to your vehicle's fuel cost where the average cost of gasoline is $3.75/gallon, and climbing.  For a vehicle getting 18 miles per gallon, the cost per mile is approximately $0.208 per mile.  That's an $0.18 increase in cost over an electric golf cart.

​To place this in perspective.  If the average person drives 15,000 miles per year, but also drives 35% of that time within two miles from their home, the amount of money potentially saved by driving much of that distance for errands close to home using an electric golf cart could reach almost $1,000 Annually!

​15,000 miles x 35% = 5,250 miles x $0.18 per mile = $945 per year
120 volts x 10 amps =

1.2 kilowatts x 1 hour =

1.2 kilowatts x $0.12 =
1200 watts (1.2 kilowatts)

1.2 kilowatts hours

$0.144 per hour of Charging
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