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Things To Know:
Your custom golf cart is designed and built by the manufacturer to deliver years of worry-free driving pleasure.  To keep your golf cart in good working condition and preserve its life, regular preventive maintenance and care is required.

Also, each state and locale may have different laws regarding use of golf carts of public roads.  Be mindful of how those laws and ordinances may effect use of your golf cart in your neighborhood (learn more).  
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Don't Neglect the Batteries 

  • Charge the batteries after each significant use.  Never leave batteries discharged overnight or longer than absolutely necessary. 
  • Check the water level of your batteries weekly or monthly, contingent upon the watering system its equipped with and according to the owner's manual.
  • Charge the batteries before adding water, unless the electrolyte level is below the top of the plates.  If so, add just enough water to cover the plates, and then charge the batteries and check the level again thereafter.  Never charge the batteries when the plates are exposed above the electrolyte level.
  • To maximize the life of your batteries, add only distilled water.  Do not overfill the batteries.
  • Inspect the battery terminal connections regularly to ensure they are clean and tight.  Replace worn insulated or frayed wires.
  • Keep the batteries clean and free of corrosion by washing the tops monthly using a solution of one cup baking soda per one gallon of water (Do not allow the solution to enter the batteries).  Thoroughly rinse the solution off the batteries.
  • Spray them with Battery Terminal Protector Spray (available from your dealer).
Maintenance Semi-annually or every 50 Hours​

  • Check the pressure in your tires and adjust accordingly. 
  • Have a trained technician inspect your custom golf cart's brake system, electrical system, front wheel alignment, camber and toe-in.
  • Lubricate, or have a trained service technician lubricate your charger receptacle, brake system, and front suspension.
Maintenance Annually or every 100 Hours

  • Have a trained service technician inspect your trans-axle and pedal group assembly, and lubricate as needed. 

Use of Your Golf Cart on Texas Roads​

Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs), also known as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), and golf carts are regulated by state and federal laws.  The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles no longer registers or titles golf carts.  However, state law provides an exception in Grayson County, allowing those residents to purchase "golf cart" license plates.  Golf cart owners who received a title before the law changed on September 1, 2009, are not required to return their titles to the TxDMV.

​A vehicle is classified as a golf cart if it:

  • has no less than three (3) wheels
  • has a normal maximum speed of between 15-25 mph, and
  • is manufactured primarily for operation on golf courses.

Registration is not needed to operate your golf cart on a public road in Texas.  Texas state law allows for use of golf carts
with a slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblem in the following situations:

  • in master planned communities with a uniform set of restrictive covenants in place,
  • on public or private beaches,
  • during the daytime and no more than two miles from where the owner usually parks the golf cart and for transportation to or from a golf course, or
  • to cross intersections, including a road or street that has a posted speed limit of more than 35 miles per hour.

A city can pass a local ordinance allowing for use of golf carts on additional public roads.  The road must be within the boundary of the city and with a speed limit of 35 mph or lower.

In these cases, the golf cart must be insured and have the following minimum equipment:

  • headlamps,
  • tail lamps,
  • reflectors,
  • parking brake,
  • mirrors, and
  • a slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblem.​

The state, a county, or a city may prohibit golf cart operation on all or part of a public road in the interest of safety.

For more information regarding golf cart use on Texas roads, go to

* For information regarding golf cart use on public roads in states other than Texas, please research your state's law and ordinances accordingly.
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